A waste compactor can bring several benefits to your business, which would otherwise not be possible. Recycling bins are the more generic and obvious alternative but these are not fit for purpose anymore. Emptying recyclables into recycling bins creates huge problems with cost, space, time and mess. With a much more resourceful machine now widely available in the waste compactor, it is time businesses became more aware of the improvements a compactor will make once recycling bins are removed.

The most noticeable improvement and the main reason why businesses choose a waste compactor is the money saving aspect of using one over bins. A waste compactor will remove all those expensive cardboard and plastic bin collections as the bins will no longer be required. With waste management collection costs due to consistently rise because of the yearly increase in landfill tax, it is time to stop paying for waste going to landfill, which should be recycled. A waste compactor will compact all cardboard and plastic into neat bales, which can then be collected for a small charge or for free in most instances by a local recycler. The savings can be hundreds or even thousands of pounds per year.

Businesses always want to save space for themselves. When there is more than one bin on site, space becomes very limited in the waste area. It is inconvenient for staff and an area full of bins, which probably overflows regularly, does not give off a good impression on customers. Removing bins for a waste compactor, which only has the footprint of one bin, allows more room to move about and this extra space can be utilised by turning it into a new area for storage or it can simply be left as an open space.

Waste handling is an essential everyday job but it is a nuisance and a distraction for staff. The time spent flat-packing and tearing up cardboard can easily be saved with a waste compactor and walks to bins can he heavily reduced as well. A compactor is designed to handle whole cardboard boxes, which a cardboard bin is not cut out for. Flat-packing the boxes is the only way of fitting a reasonable amount of cardboard into a bin. It is a monotonous task and a waste of valuable labour time. Due to its small footprint a waste compactor can be located in virtually any location but it’s best to have it close to the waste source. This saves time walking to the bin area each time recyclables need disposing of, only a few short steps with a whole box is required to dispose of it.

Using a waste compactor is also a much greener way of handling recyclable waste than using bins. The main reason why is because the waste gets recycled rather than sent to landfill. Sending recyclable waste to landfill is now unnecessary as there are so many recyclers out there who will happily collect compacted cardboard and plastic. Potential customers would prefer to know a business is taking big strides to becoming greener for themselves and the environment. It shows forward thinking and initiative rather than staying put with overflowing and old fashioned bins.

A waste compactor will allow your business to run its waste management operation cheaply and efficiently. The positive difference you will notice between using a waste compactor over recycling bins will be huge over a long period of time.

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